About Inspiring Others

I spent too much of my adolescence playing hide and seek with the concept of my own happiness. No matter how hard I tried holding onto the fleeting satisfaction I felt in my everyday life, they passed as quickly as they came.  

I never realised that it was getting to a point where I was letting my emotional baggage control my life. 


I also spent the early parts of my life not understanding - truly and wholly understanding, what self-love is. I kept thinking that something big had to happen or someone special was going to come along and provide me with the lasting happiness I yearned for. I depended on others to determine my self-worth, and it quickly got tiring trying to meet the vast and varying expectations of everyone around me. As time passed, it only resulted in me feeling lonely and frustrated because it felt like no one understood the struggles that I was going through.


The unhealthy dynamic between me and my happiness changed in 2015 when I picked up NLP. NLP not only provided me with the tools to delve deeper into the root cause of my unhappiness, it also helped me understand the self-sabotage that I was putting myself through and how to get rid of that mindset. As a result I have learned that lasting happiness is only possible when we exercise self-love, self-acceptance and self-care. All of the answers to lasting happiness ultimately comes from within.


I started HappyMeToday to help others experience this sense of liberation that I myself have gone through and to share how we can build lasting happiness into our daily lives. 


Time with me is about being in a safe space where there is no judgement or criticism. We will work together to identify beliefs, behaviours and thought patterns rooted in anger, sadness, fear and guilt. As we go down the path of your desired happiness and self-empowerment, we will attempt to leave behind all negativity.


Eryka Liu, 

Personal Growth Coach & Therapist

Master NLP Practitioner

Choice Therapy & Reality Therapy Practitioner

Member of William Glasser Institute