Happiness starts from the most basic but often most neglected - Ourselves.

You can't pour from an empty cup. Only when you are filled with love that you can continuously replenish yourself, are you able to have enough supply to give back to those you love. Create a healthy relationship with yourself first, and subsequently other people too. 

We have to strive towards self acceptance. When we have this kind of relationship with ourselves, we will have the confidence, strength and courage to look far and beyond in pursuit of our dreams. Say goodbye to self doubt and indecisiveness.


Only when we're in a good position both mentally and physically, can you focus on enjoying life and giving back. There's more to self care than face masks and bubble baths.

An introduction to ______:


Stop chasing short-lived happiness, hoping that it will last.

News Flash: It won't

Until we start investing in ourselves, happiness will remain short-lived.

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Take Back control

Humans are creatures of habit, and one thing we're all guilty of is putting our happiness in the hands of others.

Start learning how to put yourself first.


Design your own life instead of following the definition set by others. Find out what gives meaning, joy and fulfilment in your life.


Its never too late to start living life the way you want.

Achieve greater meaning & Purpose

Let me help you overcome your life challenges. Remove the ineffective behaviours and habits that hinder your true potential from shining through.

Do something for yourself today.